Nina Leanis artistic activities are collected in the concept of POETIC IMAGES, which Nina has chosen as her brand.

Nina Leani plays the guitar, accordeon and violin. So far Nina has published one solo-CD with songs and music all written and performed by her.

In 2011 she published yet another project of her own music and songs, this time accompanied by two excellent musicians: Mikkel Bayer, violin and cello, and Charlie Andersen, bass. The trio call themselves SUBTERRANEAN FIREWORKERS.

Nina Leani comes from a Norwegian background. She has travelled throughout her life as a dancer, singer and musician, step by step making all of Europe her home .She has appeared on small and large stages in the most of Europe in a variety of contexts.

In recent years Nina has taken up creating physical images with left-over textiles from many different sources. From these scraps she creates stories with applications. Pictures are well known to tell in an image what a thousand words cannot.

“To sing, dance and make music is to me the greatest gift life can bring- giving me a reason to live” she says.”I like to say like Mahatma Ghandi: My life is my message!!”

Musician in concert Nina Leani
Photo by Bea b. – Painting Trine Sørensen 

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